Risk Management

Global capital markets are more fluid and fast moving than ever before. Market dislocations occur with high velocity due to geo-political risks, financial shocks, pandemics and a wide range of tail risk events.

As a result, institutions and wealth managers have a growing need to expand their risk management sophistication by leveraging modern data infrastructures, real-time risk assessment and AI analytics to prioritise data-driven decisions that drive portfolio outcomes.

Our expertise in developing empirically researched alternative risk models enable us to deliver tailored solutions to institutional and wholesale clients, including pension funds, family offices and wealth managers.

Our scalable multi-asset data and technology platform allows our clients a total portfolio view of their risk exposures– from the most granular level (idiosyncratic) to higher aggregated levels (asset classes, risk factors, sectors and geographies). We make use of modern data visualisation techniques and dash boards to assist risk evaluation and streamlined investment decision making.

Our integration model is to adapt our real-time ex-ante risk analytics platform to the bespoke portfolio risk factors and risk exposures for client portfolios. Thereafter, we enable our clients to access our core analytic capability and to benefit from the large volumes of proprietary metadata generated through our AI processes. We are focused on delivering deep insights, enabling our clients to implement risk management decisions with market timing or to pursue opportunities to earn risk premia.