Independent Validation Key Points

Soundness of Technology

Architectural design and build of the AVS technology platform has followed best practices and it has a sound foundation for rapid  scale.

This is not a prototype that has to be rebuilt, this is a fully functional platform ready for commercialisation.

Data Management

Alpha Vista has robust processes in place for identifying the correct data requirements, data management, quality assurance of  the data to ensure integrity, data governance and the resolution of any anomalies in the data with our data partner, Refinitiv.

This  ensures the accuracy of our performance results for each of our G10 FX strategies.

The IP is analysing data in real time

The IP generates the signal in real-time and that it takes place on live streaming data as it is generated in the market (otherwise  technically known as out-of-sample signal generation).

Further, the IP is adapting in real time to the behaviour of the data. .

The  IP also utilises fractal mathematics which enables multi-timeframe views to be taken.

These validation points are critical to our  key technical differentiators.

Back Test Results

The Global Actuarial firm reviewed the governance, process and the mathematical approach to our portfolio strategy performance reporting.

They concluded that the signal files are generated without any human intervention and ingested wholly systematically  into the back-test process for reporting of results.

This isolation of duties is important to ensure absolute integrity in the  process.


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