Our Partners

Our partnership model

Alpha Vista’s investment philosophy, processes and technology are scalable and versatile. This offers the opportunity to scale globally in partnership with other asset managers and institutions.

In selecting our partners, we focus on the following key characteristics:

  • The complementary advantages that enable our partnership to rapidly scale into new domestic and international client segments.
  • The opportunity to add value to existing clients and expand those relationships to strategic ones.
  • The possibility of creating new products and services by integrating solutions and drawing on competencies from each party.
  • The ability to accelerate along client learning curves and reduce time to value realization for clients.

Our joint venture with GoldenSource enables Alpha Vista’s solutions to be delivered in a highly scalable, technologically aware manner, providing our clients with timely actionable risk management and dynamic asset allocation models and as well as risk analytics and reporting to enable greater portfolio resilience.

Alpha Vista and TGM are asset managers each having a common focus – bringing asset allocation and hedging solutions to institutional and wholesale investors. Our joint venture with TGM has seen collaboration and co-creation of co-branded sustainable global equity investment strategies. Strategy development has focussed on two asset classes:
(i) Global equities asset class – systematic, low volatility total return
(ii) Alternatives asset class – systematic total return

Edge/wise is a joint venture between Alpha Vista and established market risk advisory firm, Rochford. Edge/wise provides a comprehensive currency solution, combining artificial intelligence, data science and automated workflows to deliver consistent, long-term investment outcomes.