Our Culture

Where meritocracy meets
creativity and data science

Alpha Vista is inspired by creativity, and deeply rooted in scientific research and technology. We continually challenge norms and conventional thinking, ever evolving and adapting in an agile, forward-looking manner.

Given the growing complexity of global capital markets and the immediate and long-term needs of our investing clients, our blend of creativity and innovation with our mathematical approach and AI technology, which is readily scalable for a wide range of applications across asset classes, underpins our differentiated approach.

We deliver this through our people. Each day our teams enthusiastically pursue our audacious goals to:

  • mitigate potential negative impacts for our investors
  • enable institutions to better manage market risks and portfolio impacts
  • deliver greater value to their clients.

Motivated by our founding values of truth and transparency, we have developed an esprit de corps through our multi-disciplinary teams and flat organisational structure. Sharing our common philosophy and values, our data scientists, quantitative researchers, IT engineers and investment managers all collaborate to build our unique culture of humility, respectful discourse, integrity and empathy.


We understand the world is ever changing, and embrace that change as opportunity for our investors


We draw upon the eclectic experiences and skills of our team to generate creative solutions


We are open and transparent in our interactions and client engagements