Why Alpha Vista

Our founder's research led him to question conventional investment and risk management theory and to conclude that the underlying data is fundamentally chaotic, i.e. it does not obey the dictates of conventional statistical models, so a radically new approach is needed.

Alpha Vista draws insight from all the data, in real time, and applies sophisticated algorithms based on fractal mathematics theory, philosophical concepts of reflexivity and AI heuristics to produce a decision signal for the portfolio manager or risk manager.

Alpha Vista is Different

Alpha Vista consumes all the data, there is no smoothing or exclusion of outlying points.
Alpha Vista is independent of mathematical statistics, so requires no assumptions no forcing into a normal distribution, no correlations, no covariances.

It allows the data to speak in real time, not limited to the restrictions of a pre-defined model. Alpha Vista deals in a non-linear complex environment with multi-modal data.

It recognises fat tails and frequent extreme events and is not required to assume they are not there.

The result is that regime change in the data is identified in a timely way, leading to improved downside protection and alpha generation for clients.

Alpha Vista Capability

Alpha Vista's versatility means it can create innovative solutions across multi-asset and multi-strategy client requirements. It is not restricted to just being an equity specialist or fixed income specialist.

Because it is data-driven, Alpha Vista has capability across all the major asset classes equities, fixed income, currency, commodities, derivatives, ETF's and can create products and services without being constrained by traditional asset class boundaries.

In effect, it is free to work with clients to solve their unique challenges through bespoke solutions rather than just provide a product solution.

Customers & Industries

Institutional Asset Owners

Pension funds, endowments family officers and sovereign wealth funds


Treasury and capital market operations

G20 Central Banks

Foreign currency intervention, reserves management and macro-economic modeling

Insurance Providers

Life and disability insurers, general insurers and reinsurers

Publicly Listed and Privately Owned Corporations

Treasury operations, foreign exchange, commodity price and liquidity management

Wealth Managers

Private banks and asset managers


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