Alpha Vista History

Alpha Vista is a start-up asset management business based in Australia that is commercialising a deeply researched big-data, artificial intelligence (AI) market analytics technology platform that has been evolving for the past 10 years.

The Alpha Vista System demonstrated superior risk adjusted returns across multiple asset classes over multiple time frames in out-of-sample data testing utilising a PC-based static data processing prototype to successfully navigate a range of portfolio challenges including tail risk and sequencing risk.

In February 2019, Alpha Vista completed our first-round US$3Mn capital raise to build out the prototype technology into a real-time, streaming data analytics processing cloud-based technology platform.

The core analytics is unaltered from the prototype, however the infrastructure was dramatically scaled up in order to manage live streaming and efficient processing of tens of thousands of simultaneous market data points over time.

From this platform, asset management and risk management products and services are being developed and offered to institutional investors and corporations globally.

The quantitative analytics technologies are utilised by our AI engine to track a wide range of variables on all major securities across all major markets as well as non-market data.

This data can be interrogated and interpreted by the analytics in real-time, to identify risks developing at individual security, portfolio, industry, and market levels simultaneously.

By harnessing our scalable analytics platform, we can analyse structured non-linear big data and fast data sets in real-time and gather timely signals across multiple factors that support the development of multi-asset Asset Management and Risk Management solutions and products.

Alpha Vista completed the build-out of its first-generation technology platform in 2019 and will initiate an internally traded FX strategy as well as complete proof of concepts for two major pension fund clients and one banking client.

During H2 2020 we will also prepare for round 2 capital raise to fund the build-out of broader asset management and risk management capabilities and begin global business development over the next two-three years.


Level 7, 4-6 Bligh Street,
Sydney NSW 2000